TendenziA Records

TendenziA Records was born on July 2007 (by the synergy with V.O.T.U. Prd. – Miami)
The idea comes to join and create a label’s catalog, containing the whole productions of Keepers Of Melody Prd. (Musical Joint Venture created by Sergio Matina in 2003) and all other DJ/Producers (famous and emergent) close to the House, Deep House & Tech House sound and promoted by the label.
TendenziA Records has a catalog of 218 releases and since 2007, thanks to its excellent productions is considerated one of the best national & international “Dance-Oriented” records label.
Among the artists who recorded on TendeziA Records we can mention: Sergio Matina, Funky Junction, Dj Dove, The Sloppy 5th’s, Audioplayerz, Yas Cepeda & Isma G, Del Horno, Gianni Ruocco, JJ Romero, Electronic Drums, DJ Storm, Jack Floyd, Splashfunk, Dario Assenzo, Helen Brown, Pri Yon Joni, Fleetside, Danilo Secl√¨, Gabry Sangineto, Miky Falcone & Fabio Morello, Alexei & Carlos Kinn, Maris & Spinelli, The Doktor, Poetic Disorders, Marani & Montsaint and many more…
rts, Trend Charts, Beatport, Traxsource, Le Buzz Chart, Dj Mag, Norwegian Dance Chart, DiscoMix and many more…), both with personal tracks and remixes.
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TendenziA “The Party”

It is very important prerogative that a simple hosted, with a usual Guest DJ, means a usual situation which leads in background by the real star, the Club/Disco.
Our Party represents the real trend of the moment, not a simple event but a real innovative roadshow.
Gryphon Club (Miami – U.S.), Mangarosa Club (Sao Paulo – Brazil), Krilya Club (Kazan – Russia), Club Unique (Bratislava – Slovak Republic), Babalu Disco (Palma De Mallorca – Spain), Salt&Pepper (Pforzheim – Germany), Moa Club (Geneva – Switzerland), Club Amnesia (Lausanne – Switzerland), Limelight (Milan – Italy), De Sade (Milan – Italy), Karma (Milan – Italy), Gioia69 (Milan – Italy), Canniccia Club (Versilia – Italy), Chalet Delle Rose (Bologna – Italy) are just some examples of our Party performances.
Our team collaborated with Ked Kandi Staff (Miami – U.S.), V.O.T.U. Prd. LLC (Miami – U.S.), The Zen Entertainment (Miami – U.S.), Epidemic Staff (Sao Paulo – Brazil), PM AM (Moscow – Russia), IHM Staff (Geneva – Switzerland), The B!tch “The Fuckin’ Party ” Staff (Versilia – Italy), We Love Milano (Milan – Italy), Maison Milano (Milan – Italy), NightShow (Rimini – Italy)… some of the most established organizations in the Night Entertainement.
TendenziA Party combines all the elements of communication: sound elements by DJ Sets of its artists, visual elements by sets and projection of video clips made by our technicians just for the event.
We also create (if commissioned by the location’s management) gadgets, interior and promotional material involving the audience, including:
1 – T-Shirts
2 – Banners
3 – Hats
4 – Flyers & Posters (graphic only)
5 – Scenography
6 – Stickers
and much more…
Our marketing to promote the Club/Disco include the realization of a compilation (if commissioned by the location’s management) for the Event, with logo and the location’s name in evidence, to be distributed during the evening.
This is the best way to promote your Club/Disco, in our opinion.
TendenziA Party crew is composed by National & International Artists, characterized by House, Deep House & Tech House sounds and often present in world’s most important charts (Billboard, Music Week, MTV Dance Charts, iTunes Dance Charts, Deutsche Dance Charts, Trend Charts, Beatport, Traxsource, Le Buzz Chart, Dj Mag, Norwegian Dance Chart, DiscoMix and many more…), both with personal tracks and remixes.
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